All the elements that form the basis of a great website!

Domain and Hosting Setup

This is the very first step to getting your website started. There is no website without a DOMAIN (website name) and HOSTING (server for website contents). We help you buy the right domain and hosting plan for you and set it up to make sure our website is online and always stays online.

Our preferred hosting providers are Godaddy and Bluehost. But you can buy one yourself as long as it provides tools like Cpanel and CMS installation software. 

SSL Setup

SSL is very important for securing data transfer to and from our servers/databases. Most hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate for their 1-year plans. We also setup of the free SSL certificate from LetsEncypt.

We make sure SSL is setup and functions well on our websites. Remember, Google does not rank sites with an expired SSL certifcate nor do website visitors trust such sites.

Custom Web Design

Websites designed to complement your brand’s identity and build to fit your content. Every webiste has a different style depending on your brand’s needs.  

This custom designing process allows to create layouts that will cater to your clients and visitors.

Woocommerce Setup

We use Woocommerce – a WordPress plugin – to build a fully-functional storefront for your E-commerce business.

Everything from adding products, a cart and checkout page, payment gateway and shipping integration can be done via Woocommerce.

Contact forms, Floating CTA buttons, Pop-ups

Contact forms, Call-to-action buttons, Pop-ups – sales tools you need to convert your site visitors into potential clients.

We make sure they are well designed and integrated so you never miss a lead. 

Technical SEO

We make sure every page is built with Search Engines in mind, from Meta titles to using keywords in Header tags across the website, from image alt-texts to XML sitemaps and 404 pages, we make sure it all works for SEO.

Modern Responsive Layout

Our website designs are built to fit on different screen sizes. All your content including everything from images to texts scale for a desktop, tablet and mobile. 

Now your website visitors do not have to look at a desktop site on a mobile screen and try to read text that is not legible at all.

Google Analytics and Search Console setup

We install and setup Google analytics in the website admin dashboard so you can track your online goals. 

We also add your website to Google Search Console letting google know about your website and all its pages.

Domain-based Email Adresses

Nothing says professionalism like an email address based on the brand’s own domain name.

We setup domain-based email addresses for you so you don’t have to use a random email address to reach your clients.

Website Accessibility

We take a small step towards making the internet an inclusive place by making sure we meet certain web accessibililty guidlines for your website.

Free 1-year AMC

We do not leave you once your project is complete. Website maintenance is taken care of for free for the first year. 

With quarterly updates, automated backups and by making any minor changes you may require we make sure your website is functional at all times

We set and send reminders for renewals of domains, hosting, SSL certifcates, so your website is not suddenly offline without your knowledge.