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Websites optimized for speed, search engines and mobile that visitors love!

Welcome to AbhiWebCo, where creativity meets functionality.

Clean and modern designs built with speed and SEO in mind.

Layouts and interfaces that convert your site visitors into potential leads.

How do we help you?

Bad website performance scores
Bad website metrics on Page Speed analytics
Our website performance scores of 95+
Our website performance scores

Slow loading speeds, layouts that confuse visitors, expired SSL certificates, non-responsive designs, pages not optimised for SEO. These are some of the problems we have come across on various business websites.

These are the problems that we make sure never happen to begin with by

  • Designing layouts that are responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Making all the technical SEO checks
  • Setting up SSL, domain and hosting reminders so you never go offline
  • Optimizing website content for faster loading speeds.
  • Making our sites more accessible for all users

Website services

Domain and hosting setup

Domain & Hosting setup

We ensure a hassle-free domain registration and hosting setup, providing the foundation for a robust online presence

Responsive designs

Responsive Layouts

A good website design is incomplete without layouts and content that move and scale with the visitors device and screen size.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

From 'meta descriptions' for your pages and products to 'alt-texts' for your images, we make sure all the technical SEO is complete and relevant.

SSl setup

SSL setup

Enhanced online security with SSL certificate setup and renewal reminders to protect website visitors

Domain-based emails

Domain-Based Email

Communicate with authority using personalized email addresses linked to your domain

Google Analytics setup

Google analytics and search console setup

Let Google know about your website and also track your website's online growth


What is the process for building a website?

After our consultation call when we decide to move forward with the website, there will be a few assets required from you like your business details, images, written copy, logos and other branding material.

Along with it we will require some reference websites to guage what type of website you expect.

Then we buy your domain name (subject to availability) and hosting and SSL.

After an initial advance payment we begin work on the homepage to finalize a design style you like. 

We will continue to keep you up to date on the process to keep the website design on track and minimize unnecessary redesigns.

Every project depends on various factors like number of pages, e-commerce sites, number of products, plugin integrations, time required by client to provide assets, etc.

A basic 5-page static, portfolio website requires between 2-3 weeks on average. A dynamic portfolio plus blog website requires between 3-4 weeks.

As mentioned before, the timeline varies depending on many factors.

We solely build websites on WordPress and Elementor. E-commerce websites are built with the help of the Woocommerce plugin.

Since WordPress is open-sourced it provides a lot of tools and resources and offers in-depth support thanks to its worldwide community of developers and users. 

It is also very secure and frequently updated.

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We provide free maintenance and quarterly updates for the first year. We also make minor changes if need be. We charge a sum of Rs. 5000/year as AMC after your first year.  

Please keep in mind that Domain, Hosting and SSL plans are renewable every year or at intervals based on your purchased plan’s tenure. If we use paid tools to build the site then those are also renewable depending on each case.

It depends on whether the tools and systems in question provide integration into WordPress via APIs, Plugins or even code. We expect the developers to provide support and help to integrate these tools.